Religious Life

Our life in community springs first and foremost from the contemporary world, from its pressures, problems, cultures, and ways, and from how we respond to those. Our particular response is based on ancient traditions of vowed religious life and the generations of monks, nuns, friars, sisters, hermits, and others who have lived a way of poverty, chastity, and obedience to God. These traditional vows have basic implications for our life:

  • Poverty: We live together and hold all things in common. We strive to live simply and use our resources ethically.
  • Chastity: Instead of a partner, family, or career, our primary relationship and commitment is to God and our community.
  • Obedience: We listen to one another, to ourselves, and to God in all things. We strive for a culture of radical honesty and acceptance.

In the ways we live into these vows, we are inspired especially by the early Anglican sisterhoods and the active Carmelite life. Our Rule of Life is the Carmelite Rule of St. Albert, accompanied by an evolving commentary from the community.