How can we support you?

Our mission, as an organization, is one of service: to our neighbors, to the church, to the world. We have some ministry partners now, but there are also other ways we can partner together!

Do you need supplementary music for an event? We do that!

Do you need music composed for an event? We do that!

Do you need poetry, prayer, or a few meaningful words written for an event? We do that!

Do you need calligraphy done for an invitation, certificate, or something else? We do that!

Do you need a worship leader?

Do you need a supply preacher and/or a supply cantor? (Can’t tell which one Gregory is doing here, so we’ll put them in one item!) Some of us can do Sundays, but remember us for weddings, funerals, etc.!

Do you need a choir ringer who sight reads anything 🎶🎶🎶? Well, some of us do that! (Not yours truly the writer of this page…)

Do you need a singing officiant for Evensong?

A Godly Play pinch hitter?

Need a coffee hour forum, adult education forum, retreat? We’re happy to talk (and listen!) about:

  • Praying with the calling of sickness
  • This history and development of the Spanish Book of Common Prayer: El Libro de Oración Común
  • The rebirth of Anglican religious life in the 19th century
  • How to’s:
    • How to pray the Daily Office from the BCP
    • How to sing the from the BCP and Hymnal 1982
    • How to pray the rosary
    • How to pray with Anglican prayer beads
    • How to read chant notation

If you have another idea, please reach out to us here and ask! We gratefully accept donations and other support to further our common life, and to ensure that we do not have to say no when a parish or community of limited means asks us to serve.